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Here you can see some pics showing my shacks during  my HAM career.
This one shows the first shack in 1962. no licence so "fake transmitter".
Here I am proud to show my homebrew SSB/CW transceiver for 28 MHz. Also a homebrew PA running 30 W. The year was 1978.
In 1992 the web cluster was continuously flashing DX-info in my old laptop.
Here is my operating spot when I was at my summer house on the island of Gotland (eu-020). The year is 2012 and the trees were full of wire antennas.
This pic is from 2013. A new PA, Expert 1K-FA, is doing a great job.
This pic is from 2021. Rig is Icom 7300 and the homebrew keyer is still working fine.